Objective and methodology

The main objective of the school is to foster values of the life in the child's training programmes at all levels ensuring promotion of rich Indian culture.

The school strives to be known for its excellence in teaching by providing students with highest quality instruction. Library and lab resources needed for comprehensive learning and bringing out the hidden talents of the student. The school recognizes the quest for knowledge, enlighten of truth as the heights goal in life.

All efforts will be made in correctly mixing academies with extracurricular activities for a complete personality development.

A comprehensive teaching programme has been created to provide a thrust to the student's physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and moral growth and development.

We aim to:-

  • To give children a sense of self-worth and raise self-esteem.
  • To follow the guideline and programmes of study for each national curriculum subject.
  • To use a cross-curricular approach in tne teaching and development of these subjects.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of our teaching at regular intervals. To maintain ongoing records of ered. To provide work that is differentiated to match ability and to allow all children to work at their own pace. To ensure continuity and progression throughout the curriculum. To ensure equality of opportunity in all aspects of school life. Our school is concerned with the all-round development of each individual child.

  • Facilities

  • Computer lab. Hygienic environment.
  • Regular medical check up. Career based counselling.
  • Water coolers fitted with purifiers.
  • Internet with broadband facility throughout the school. Transportation facility.
  • Outdoor play area. Language learning lab. Audio/video auditorium.
  • Library with frequently updated collection of books. Smart classes throughout Morden technology.
  • We want our children:-

  • To communicate with confidence. To be taught how to learn.
  • To have the opportunity to develop skills and potential.
  • To be engaged in activities which are matched to ability.
  • To be with adults who are interested and interesting.
  • To show respect and tolerance towards adults and children and to treat everyone as a valued member
  • To have easy access to books and resources.
  • To have time to explore, experiment, talk and listen.
  • To play, this is a crucial area in linguistic, scientific and mathematic development.

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