Our vision

Children are like wet clay, it's upon the educators to mould them into a structure that is either good or bad.

Here at Valley Green, we believe in carefully replicating all possible conditions and circumstances of external environment to train the children mentally, physically, morally and spiritually. So that alumni shall shine bright in their lives and grow up to their highest potential.

Our teachers

Our Mission

Develop a strong set of values including self respect, Honesty, Integrity and Respect to others.

Make a positive contribution Achieve economic well-Being

Develop their curiosity and creativity

Enjoy, Gain passion and motivation to achieve.

Develop their curiosity and creativity

Be healthy Stay safe and Acquire Kindness and sense of community

Develop a strong set of values including self respect, Honesty to others

Our objective is to develop a child's inner potential through educational materials and excellent
environment providing virtues like friendship, Service, Adventure and competency. We also
convene practical moral labs that help students prioritize their set of social and sentimental values.

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My sincerest welcome to parents of all prospective students, who have shown their keen interest in Valley Green Public School, Gwalior .The core driving force behind initiating this project has been the varied experiences of several concerned parents including myself, relating to the lax in the current education system in our city.
In this highly competitive and technical era, every child has a right over sophisticated and contemplative ways of learning to sharpen his/her brain and enhance comprehensive ability not only through books but also through computers, internet, and other apparatus available with the school.
Children have got curiosity, creativity and intelligence persistent in their minds, we just need to mould them into the right direction. For which our true motive at Valley Green Public School is that through carefully simulated environment and a firm foundation in universal values, every child will grow to his highest potential and lead a happy and content life and so exihibits in our motto which is
“Knowledge is the food for soul”
So we look forward to developing a child’s inner potential through educational material and provide for aspects involving friendship, service, adventure, competence and practical understanding of moral values. We warmly welcomes you all to join this educational paradise called VALLEY GREEN PUBLIC SCHOOL.


We believe that every child has some innate talent which can be identified and honed. We offer a wide spectrum of co-curricular activities with sports, drama, music, dance, public speaking and art. Dedicated training is provided for indoor and outdoor sports like table-tennis, chess, carrom, football, cricket, badminton etc. Yoga classes are separately held every week for all classes and are conducted by an external trained coach. These co-curricular activities are displayed and celebrated through special assemblies for festivals, national and international days. This also helps to inculcate respect for culture, tradition and moral values among students.
We believe in quality education, which will create sensitive caring citizens who will give something back to the society. Only then, will our vision and mission be realised. I am sure Valley Green Public School Gwalior, is one of the finest educational institutions in the Gwalior and I trust in the years to come it will achieve greater heights. May God be our guiding light and bless our institution.
To conclude, we endeavour to provide a holistic education to its students in a safe environment and believe in empowering our children in such a manner that they act as representatives of a meaningful and value-based society. Our pedagogy which is holistic and comprehensive, complements this.
I take this opportunity to thank all the parents who have reposed their faith in our school, and welcome prospective students and their parents to world class education at Valley Green Public School, Gwalior
Dr Rita Sharma